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New York City based photographer Vicky Good. Photography services for fitness photoshoots, spots photography, fashion photoshoots, and portraits. Specialize in Fitness models, fitness professionals, male fashion models, female fashion models and performing artists such as dancers, musicians, singers, and actors. 

      The realization that photography is my passion was unexpected after a life spent preparing to enter the nursing field.  Although a leap of faith was required to embark on the life of an artist, the two paths would prove to be not so distant from each other, as I draw much of my inspiration from capturing the beauty of the human form. I always was fascinated by the human body and all the great things it can do and can be done to. So from an early age  I originally was planning to be in the medical field. It was not until I reached my senior year in high school that I changed my mind. As long as I can remember I always had art in my life, and  that was a way for me to escape and truly appreciate how beautiful the world can be seen. Anything that I felt was beautiful I would want to capture or translate in my own way for others to see, so I would use anything around me to draw, paint, or sculpt whatever I saw ( view work here) . I even would annoy my mother during vacations to let me use the disposable camera for me to take pictures of the things and people I would see. 

       After receiving my first camera, which was a simple Kodak point-and-shoot, I would use my friends and pets as subjects and I began to fall in love with photography.  My desire to learn was thriving, and although the learning of photography in a traditional academic setting was not suited for me, it did not deter me from  continue my desire to learn. The following semester I signed up to take a digital photography class and used the skills I gained from being a child model to guide my subjects to providing me the image I wanted for my class assignments. Ironically enough I ended up failing the class, but that never stopped me from using my camera.

     In college I went in as an art major and still having the love for the human body and health I  also ended up getting certified as a personal trainer It was then when I started combining the the worlds of art and body form.  I started being more and more inspired by gods greatest creation ( the human body ). I have made it my life to help people sculpt their own bodies to their version of beauty and to create art inspired by it. 

      At the age of 23, I was blessed with the opportunity to work as an assistant to a very talented photographer. It was with  him that I developed an eye for shooting and began to learn the intricacies of photography as an art form.  It was this experience that as his personal assistant  would teach me how to be better at shooting my subjects. I took that time to learn as much as possible and it didn't take long for me to realize that this was the job for me. Shortly after I wanted to take my life to the next level, I wanted to see what more I could do and challenge myself. It was then that I took a risk and with only $700 in my pocket I moved to New York City

     During my career in Orlando and now New York City, I have been fortunate to work with a variety of clients, from corporate marketing assignments such as Nestle Nesquik, to fitness and fashion shoots such as Bravo's Work Out New York, and even food stylists.  I also have experience with event photography, having worked New York Fashion Week for 16 seasons and running with  the ( since 2012) FNL Netwek for Fashion News Live on Amazon Prime, along with other New York City nightlife events.

     Each time I pick up my camera I see my surroundings as challenges that I'm willing to take to reach my ultimate goal: To capture beauty in all its forms, whether its fashion gown, the chiseled physique of an athlete, the love of a couple or family, the soft curves of the human body, the great wonders of mother nature, the winning shot of a game or the magical atmosphere of a special event. Providing people with more than just an image to take home, but simply giving them the gift of an emotion, experience, idea, and mindset frozen in time.



Work Experience

I'ts All Good Studios- Owner/ independent Photographer

Nestle Nesquik NYC -  Marketing and Event Photographer  

FNL Network "Fashion News Live"- Photographer and Videographer , NYC 

Whats 2 Hot -Nightlife Photographer, Orlando, Florida

Jonathan Hon Photography -Assistant Photographer, Orlando, Florida

Food Stylist  Assistant for Darden Comp &  Walt Disney World, Orlando,Florida



Seminole State College, Art Major,  August 2006-May 2008