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Stories of individuals who rise above their illnesses and disabilities to pursue their fitness goals. Our mission is to inspire people to follow their passions - even in the face of adversity. 

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the mission

To inspire people to follow their passions - even in the face of adversity.We find individuals who rise above their challenges, illnesses and disabilities to pursue their fitness goals!

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True stories 

Oaklee Friedman

Psychological abuse is subject that rarely gets talked about. Most people don't know what it is, choose to believe that it's not real, or that the victims are exaggerating. For Oaklee this is something that she can use to describe a big part of her childhood. Moving to NYC at a young age was more than trying to follow her dreams as a dancer, but  also to find freedom and finally spread her wings as the strong woman she discovered she could become.  Now living in NYC as a personal trainer and dancer, she motivates her clients and those around her to be physically and mentally strong. Here is Oaklee's interview...


Amina Zena 

Olivia Hutcherson

 After dancing for JLO, Madonna, Flo Rida, New Cupid, Sean Kingston, Brad Paisley, and many other, the last thing that Olivia was expecting to hear was" YOU HAVE CANCER".  What does a hard working dancer do when she receives the worst news on her 26th birthday? Well she fights and dances like her life depends on it. Now clear of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS), she lives life to the fullest. Taking her story, love of dance and poetry to lift the spirits of those around her, and show them that you can put yourself back together after beign broken, even if it takes some time. Here is Olivia's interview...

Lisa Thompson

Having a busy and hectic student life doesn't stop Lisa from lifting heavy and living a healthy lifestyle. But life wasn't always like that for this  25yo Physician Assistant student. As a teenager she struggled with Anorexia for nearly 7 years, which combined with being a Type 1 diabetic could have severe health consequences. Now completely recovered from her eating disorder, she loves to be an inspiration for people living with Type 1 diabetes, by showing that it  doesn't limit you from being strong and building the physique you dream of. Here is Lisa's interview...

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