Thoughts of a Young Female Photographer

Vicky Good is a NYC photographer that specializes in fitness, sports and fitness-fashion photography. As a you female photographer in a mans business world she faces a lot of chalenges to succeed. Here are her thoughts.  

D.I.Y. No Ride Up Workout Shorts

WARNING!! This post is not about photography.

After careful consideration I realized that I don’t need to be posting about photography every time.

If you’re like me and have thick thighs you may be very familiar with the torture of your legs chafing. I love wearing shorts during the summer, especially during my workouts because duhhh, the summer heat and long leggings can be equally as torturing. There really isn’t anything more annoying than having to adjust your shorts over and over again, because they keep bunching all the way up to your crotch while you’re training. The last thing you want is to end up with raw inner thighs. Over the past couple of months I’ve been seeing ads of a girl wearing training shorts while doing, what they call “The Squat Challenge”. The clip shows the girl squatting to prove that her shorts don’t ride up. I’ll be honest, it got me to click on the ad to find out how much of my money I was gonna have to spend to get myself one of these “No Ride Up Shorts”. Here’s the thing, I really was going to get my self a pair of $48 shorts, but I decided that I wanted to wait a bit.

While I was creating a silicone mold for a new art piece I realized that it was possible to add a layer of silicone at the border of the legs of my shorts resulting in a pair of shorts that don’t ride up. Being a big DIY-er, I decided I wanted to try it out. Here’s a little video showing the steps and results. I will advise that I was using white silicone glue that I already had in my art supplies, I would probably use a clear one in the future. I’m also thinking this same process would work on non workout pants that are equally as skin tight, the waist band of leggings that tend to slide down, or even bathing suits to keep them from wedging up your butt.


If you decide to try this yourself or if you know of any other materials that would work best feel free to leave a comment and let me know.