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Thoughts of a Young Female Photographer

Vicky Good is a NYC photographer that specializes in fitness, sports and fitness-fashion photography. As a you female photographer in a mans business world she faces a lot of chalenges to succeed. Here are her thoughts.  

Stretches Photographers and Videographers Can Do At Home To Relieve Shoulder and Back Pain

Photographers, videographers, and editors!!!! Do you suffer from back and shoulder pain after long days of working? Well here is a little video for you.

Hey everyone, I know it has been a while but I'm still trying to figure out what it is worthy of me to post when it comes to blogging...

Anyways, a few weeks ago I worked my 13th season of NYFW. Every year/season there are a few things that you can depend on not changing, one of them being the complaints that us shooters tend to share with each other to make it through the day. This year one specific complaint stood out from the rest, SHOULDER AND BACK PAIN. Yes that right pain, regardless of how healthy you are, your age, and fitness level this is something that we all can experience after putting in many hours of shooting. 

Lets face it, whether you shoot fashion, sports, weddings, babies etc. the longer you shoot and edit the more discomfort you will have at the end of your work day. Some of us will pop a pain pill or two, use some muscle ache rub, or even try to sleep it off. All of these are just temporary solutions that are just masking the problem and the longer you go without without treating it the bigger it will become, leading to more issues and can even become irreversible. This is why I wanted to get a professional to help me create this short video of things that photographers/videographers can do (regardless of age and fitness abilities) at home or on the job after/durring a long long day of shooting. 

P.S. Please excuse my awkwardness, there is a reason why I stick to being behind the camera ;) HEHE!

If you would like to share your thoughts or have any questions about what you saw in this video leave a comment on the YouTube page of this video.